What Makes Creative Ideas Unique and Offers More



2. Start-up companies receive discounts.* (Start-up to 5 years young)

— First year in business – receive 5% discount
— Second year in business – receive 4% discount
— Third year in business – receive 3% discount
— Fourth year in business – receive 2% discount
— Fifth year in business – receive 1 % discount

3. Non-profit recognized organizations receive a 10% discount. (Must supply non-profit certificate)

4. Stock photos included in price of design/graphics/creatives. (Up to 7 different stock photos per project.) Does not include stock photos valued over $200 each.

5. We show client up to three different concepts for each creative project.

6. Creative Ideas will allow up to three sets of changes to be done before additional charges occur.

7. Creative Ideas Advertising Agency, Inc. has met every deadline since 1989.

8. Will not waste client’s money. If the client’s budget is too small, Creative Ideas will suggest waiting till more monies are available. As some agencies will take the money knowing the available amount is not sufficient to get results.

9. Free proofreading

10. Creative Ideas recommends your company to other clients.

11. Creative Ideas likes to make sure your business is on a firm foundation before starting to build.

12. If Creative Ideas does not believe clients ideas are good for the business, will explain to client why and offer a better solution.

13. Numerous times an employee will leave a company that is a Creative Ideas client, and that person will accept another job and will contact Creative Ideas to help their new place of employment. That is how much they believe in our company.

14. As you notice from our pricing, we care more about the client getting results vs. making a lot of money from the client.

15. Read the testimonials.

* Printing not included in any pricing. A printing quote will be provided to the client. The client can then compare the Creative Ideas price vs. other printers. 90% of the time, the Creative Ideas quote is better.