Social Media


Creative Ideas Advertising Agency, Inc. social media staff is on the cutting edge of what is new and what is working, and we will use our skills to your benefit to get attention and awareness to your page.

Social media is a changing environment … almost daily. Whenever something new is brought to our attention, we will contact you to see what would be your best option.

To receive the best results, we estimate that it will take about six months to begin getting positive results. All social media contracts are six months or one year, and cannot be cancelled. -One year is suggested.

Creative Ideas will also monitor notifications and review insights on a quarterly time-frame. A report will be discussed with you quarterly.

Creative Ideas will check your Facebook page a minimum of three times each week. Creative Ideas will respond to comments on your Facebook for you. Each Facebook post is like a mini ad.

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Business Facebook Page

Used to share business products, services, events, specials, promotions, spotlights, holidays, company news, contests, etc.

Establish new Facebook page $400
6-month monthly maintenance plan per month $175
12-month monthly maintenance plan per month $145

Creative Ideas must be the Facebook administrator. We will create a calendar of individual posts each month, and will monitor and post comments on your behalf.


Establish new Twitter account $100
You will be responsible for postings.

Google+, Yelp and similar review sites

Reviews and comments once per week $75 


(Very personalized and time consuming)

Word Press (no coding) $1,500 – $1,800
Initial concept/theme/setup $200
Home page design $500
Each additional page/subpage $150
Website updates $100
(per month as needed) (One hour minimum) 

As Needed

Plug-ins (if needed to make your website work) $50*

$50 is the cost to install the plug-ins. The actual cost of each plug-in necessary for your website needs will be calculated prior to the start of the website design.

Website design components may include any of the following:

(1) purchase of domain name, (2) plug-ins, (3) formatting, (4) color schemes, (5) tabs/subtabs, (6) content, (7) composing, (8) creation of home page, (9) moving parts, (10) stock/client photos, (11) multiple discussions, (12) interactive Q&A, (13) links to other companies/social media, (14) contact information (15) shopping cart, (16) payments, (17) etc.