Personalized Identity Packages


No two companies are the same. It does not matter if you are the same type of business, have been in business the same number of years or are of similar size.

That is why Creative Ideas Advertising Agency, Inc. takes the time to listen to you and learn about your business. We will suggest what we feel is needed to accomplish your goals. Creative Ideas will work and plan according to your budget. Work can be done as progressive steps to accomplish your goals.

We will suggest a minimum budget for the desired results, and will not take your monies if we believe that your budget is inadequate to achieve the desired results.

The first hour of consulting is FREE. At that time you, the client, will decide if you and Creative Ideas are a good match.

Personalized Identity Packages are just that …┬ápersonalized for you and only you.

To obtain a new or revamped look, there are many things to consider. Creative Ideas knows the cost to create a new look can be expensive.

That is why Creative Ideas creates a plan designed to save you money. However, all components of the plan must be done at the same time, on the same contract and completed within six months of signing the contract.

Plan A: choose five services and receive 20% off.
Plan B: choose four services and receive 15% off.
Plan C: choose three services and receive 10% off.

*Printing is not included in the percentages above