Consulting & Research


Creative Ideas Advertising Agency
, Inc. brings 40+ years of experience … working both sides of the market. Creative Ideas’ ownership has worked for media outlets and major professional sports teams, within the broadcast industry.

Creative Ideas has been in business since 1989. We have had the joy of seeing numerous start-up companies reach far beyond what they felt was possible.

Creative Ideas understands and can abide by the many rules and regulations set forth by the Board of Education, the Bar Association and the giant General Motors rule book and others.  The first hour of consulting is always FREE.

Consulting – We will work with you, determining what needs to be done to accomplish your goals.

Research – The Creative Ideas team will research pricing of media outlets, advertising, stock photos for graphic needs, budgets, new possibilities, investigate, analyze and/or get data from focus groups.

Creative Ideas then combines that research with your budget and other information you have provided us. 

Research rate is $25 per hour. (If under contract only)

Pricing Structure for Consulting

Hour 1 $55
Hour 2 $50
Hour 3 $45
Hour 4 $44
Hour 5 $43
Hour 6 $42
Hour 7 $41
Hour 8 $40
Hour 9 $39
Hour 10 $38
Hour 11 $37
Hour 12 $36
Hour 13 $35
Hour 14 $34
Hour 15 $33
Hour 16 + $25*

(Hours based on accumulated time over the course of a month.)

For less than one full hour, the time is rounded to nearest 15 minute.
* $25. per hour only if under contract with Creative Ideas.