Business Plans

Six Month Plan

Must meet and adhere to:

Invoiced monthly and cannot be cancelled. Your company is hiring Creative Ideas Advertising Agency, Inc. to help you get results. No quick fixes. May not see results for at least 6 months.

Consulting meetings will be invoiced for each hour. Creative Ideas will try and keep each meeting to an hour. We know that your time is valuable and both parties should come to the meetings prepared.


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Cost of research and plan to be given to the Client within a week.
We can give you an approximate time this will take, so that you can budget this fee.
** See Research and Consulting 

Commitment of six months completed. At this point we hope that Creative Ideas Advertising Agency Inc. and you, the client, have established a business bond and we can continue on with the same format.


Creative Ideas suggest monthly meetings between client and Creative Ideas representative.

When the client is ready to go to the next advertising and public relations venture, the bi-monthly meetings will begin again.

Client meetings should be held no less than once per month.

Generally the meetings are set up on the same day of the month. This will allow you and Creative Ideas to block out that time and not be interrupted. If meetings are missed by client or client keeps Creative Ideas waiting longer than one half hour from scheduled appointment, a fee of $50 will also be assessed. If Creative Ideas representative is more than a half hour late, Creative Ideas will pay client $50.



We love new clients. We love to spend time to understand you, your company, your likes and dislikes.

When we spend time with our clients, we begin to get a rapport and a deeper understanding.

We know that no two companies are alike. Even if they are the same type of company. Your business excels in something better, your company offers something better and your company is not a cookie cutter of your competitor.

Creative Ideas strives to keep you as a client and build a business relationship that will last for decades.

Example of fees:

Initial meeting – Free
Month One – 4 weeks = $200
Month Two – 2 weeks= $105

* $ for consulting only
** Research for planning will take approximately 10-15 hours

10 hours = $275
15 hours = $375

Fees of business plan, consulting or research do not include design work or printing costs.